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Grand Suite
153 $ /night

    Just a few steps to the sea, Grand Suite is designed with Sunset Beach Resort & Spa's signature curves, furnished with modern and luxurious large beds, restful bathtubs, and a spacious balcony overlooking the natural beauty of the pearl island. All these features make Grand Suite the ideal place to mingle with nature and enjoy the charming and poetic beauty of the island, the coast, and the skyline of Phu Quoc island.
    Room area: 56m2

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Family Deluxe
113 $ /night

    Designed exclusively for the family, Deluxe Famly possesses a spacious space surrounded by Phu Quoc nature and two separate modern bedrooms and high-end furniture. Deluxe Family will be the perfect place for family vacations with small children.
    Room area: 56m2

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Sunset Premium
105 $ /night

    The Sunset Premium, the resort's most exceptional accommodation, has the beautiful design, high-class furniture, and marvelous natural beauty. Sunset Premium will undoubtedly be a wonderful experience, with the highlight of a unique round bed, surrounded by spectacular views of the ocean and mountains.
    Room area: 36m2

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Deluxe Ocean Panorama
92 $ /night

    With its magnificent, elegant style and a superb outlook overlooking the breathtaking panoramic sea, the Deluxe Ocean Panorama provides delightful relaxing moments in a setting filled with ocean breath.
    Room area: 32-44m2

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Deluxe Ocean View
83 $ /night

    The Deluxe Ocean View, with its modern and elegant décor combined with a big window facing a gorgeous sea and a fresh garden, will give you a pleasant sense of calm.

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Deluxe Room
75 $ /night

    Our standard Deluxe is designed with a blend of luxurious, modern details and elements of natural beauty. Featuring a view overlooking the lovely garden and many utilities, the Deluxe room will bring a wonderful experience for customers.

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