If you need a peaceful space for some special cocktails, drop by our Sunset Beach Bar & Restaurant.    
Sunset Beach Bar, located on the beach, right beside the outdoor swimming pool, is the most original signature of Sunset Beach Resort & Spa. Opened in late 2016, Sunset Beach Bar has constantly been considered one of the best beach bars in Vietnam.

Coming here, customers are served various kinds of drinks and simple but fresh food. Tasting Sunset Beach Bar’s specials by the beach will certainly wake up all of your culinary senses. The popular selection is fresh caught seafood fusion dishes , paired with cold beer and sunset signature cocktails.

Besides good food and excellent cocktails, at Sunset Beach Resort & Spa, we frequently hold dynamic night parties with trendy music played by technologically advanced sound system and top-rated DJs. 

Sunset Beach Resort & Spa is the best place for picnics at the beach, savoring your favorite drink or leisurely relaxing and enjoying a breakfast or dinner of your choice. The most popular activities at Sunset Beach Bar consist of taking selfies and checking in at romantic corners of the bar, sunbathing on the loungers while reading your favorite book, diving in the blue sea, enjoying some glasses of fruit cocktails, immersing yourself in the best music beside the ocean during the night, or just simply getting a good dish of seafood, a chilled glass of beer, and slowly observe a day going by in the Pearl Island.

Open time: 10 AM-12 PM
Location: Beside outdoor infinity  swimming pool, by the beach