Phu Quoc island has an ideal and beneficial natural environment, suitable for fishing and seafood growing. That’s the reason why this place’s charm comes from not only the picturesque sceneries, but also the diversity of signature seafood like blue crabs, sea cucumbers, sweet snails, murices, sea urchins, abalones… Popular must-try dishes include fried rice with crab meat, herring salad, grilled saurel, crab paste, seafood and bitter bolete soup, grilled scallop, Ken noodle, rice noodle with grilled fish paste, Kien Xay seafood noodle, and various other street food.

At Sunset Beach Resort & Spa, we provide different dining options for guests at Sunset Beach Bar & Restaurant. Although the resort is opened in 2019, locals and tourists are all familiar with the name of Sunset Beach Bar & Restaurant. Since opening in 2016, Sunset Beach Bar has always been a favorite destination of Vietnamese and foreigners when they would like to enjoy a high-quality drink, some delicious food, or to dive in a dynamic music night under a glamorous Phu Quoc sunset skyline on the beach. Sunset Beach Bar & Restaurant has kept its place as one of the top 5 bars & top 10 restaurants in Phu Quoc island since 2016.